La Boétie Partners allowed us to take a deep dive at the heart of how our organisation works. They allowed our teams to express themselves and enabled the executives to fully understand those messages, to identify what needed to be changed in the organisation. We used their work to draw a pragmatic action plan and our fresh understanding encouraged us to let our teams to put changes in place by their own.
Thierry Colas : Operation VP Scholar France Elior (catering)

What was our job?

  • Help a working group representing operational teams to analyse comprehensively the situation both from an individual point of view and from an organisational one
  • Process the meetings of the working group and highlight all the good reasons of the actual situation
  • Help operational teams build and recommend the first step of for a « change » process
  • Develop and run a company-wide study to probe the suitability of the recommendations
  • Organise a debriefing workshop with the executive team to fully comprehend the data and themes emerging from the study

We were particularly focused on:

  • Process meetings and analysis that reinforces each member’s capability and bring about a stronger diagnose at the same time
  • Build a bridge between EXCO and the operations to facilitate mutual understanding