After watching a documentary on happiness at work, we were inspired to revisit some aspects of our organisation including work schedules. This encouraged us to look more profoundly at the whole organisation and called upon La Boétie Partners’ expertise to help us with simplifying hierarchy and empower further our teams. The process of liberating teams from an overbearing organisational structure is not finished yet, but we’re on our way as we have acquired the skills and reflexes needed for that goal.

Gilles Bailly: CEO Clarion France (automotive)

What was our job?

  • To support the Excom in making more appropriate decisions by better connecting with the feedback from their teams
  • To integrate throughout the project the input of every single employee to identify actions that could have real impact

We were particularly focused on:

  • Equip the Excom with the methodology for managing themselves this process and freeing up the dialogue within teams.