Europ Assistance


You have helped us from March to June 2016 in working on aligning across our teams. I appreciated your adaptability, your sense of the collective dynamics, your ability to activate the right person to deliver the right message, whether it was you, our CIO or myself.

Pascal Baumgarten, COO of Europ Assistance (financial services)

What was our job ?

We helped the IT department align the way it runs projects to the new strategy of the company. For that we designed a series of training sessions during which we balance classic training, personal development and department wide discussions to build the new way of managing project.

We were particularly focused on:

  • Make the right person deliver the right message in order to clarify roles and communication channels around project management:
    – the COO focussed on explaining the WHY of the new way of working,
    – CIO presented the new “basics” of in-house project management,
    – the team of project managers shared their day-to-day difficulties,
    – we highlighted the “soft” dimension of the change pursued (sociological analysis, strengthened project manager assertivity, how to handle difficult executives…)?
  • Facilitate discussions sessions to allow the whole department to “modelise” the new way of running projects : based on a sociological analysis of the project managers we helped the team solve the majors pressure points of a classic project journey.
  • Help executives tune their contribution to the culture change