What was our job ?

Auchan (retail) was going through a transformation aimed at refocussing the whole organisation on client satisfaction, giving more autonomy to employees directly in contact with the consumers, and, therefore, putting more agility in the whole decision and supply chain.

To support this transformation, we were asked to enable the development of leadership practices for the executive teams of the retail stores and central functions, moving away from a top-down style of management to one based on trust, initiative and boldness.

This 2 years long project, allowed us to gather precious information from the operational ground and provided fresh perspective to the leadership team on the state of transformation and its challenges. This lead to providing direct support the leadership team to reinforce the global change efforts.

We were particularly focused on :

  • Provide inspiration through case studies on organisations facing major disruption
  • Blend personal reflexion on one’s leadership style with practical behavioural implications
  • Support the leadership team better understand what were the barriers to the transformation being implemented