Air France KLM


Reinforcing our future leadership is a key priority for the success of our on-going transformation. La Boétie Partners have enabled us to design a programme which not only addressed this goal but their work generated useful data enabling us to have a deeper understanding of the implications of the change in our organisation.

Frank Legré, SVP Africa, Commercial Division, AirFrance KLM (airline)

What was our job ?

To design a leadership development journey over 6 months in order to grow new leadership practices at a personal level but also from an organisational point of view (leadership culture). The programme integrated frequent dialogue with senior leadership to reinforce the young leaders’ role as agent of change but also to provide senior leadership with a unique insight into the level of engagement of the next generation.

We were particularly focused on :

Reflecting on and practicing “leadership without authority” which is increasing common in highly networked organisation