We had defined a new strategy with our Excom as a response to market signals. We felt our ambition had to be readjusted. It seemed that an important part of our employees had difficulties to understand « why » and « what it meant» . I asked for support from La Boétie Partners to help us re-engage with our teams. With their support, the Excom realised we had misjudged the underlying nature of our change. La Boétie Partners allowed to us to better understand what was really occurring in our market and, more important, helped us spread the message across all teams. Today the new strategy is clear, well shared and begins to work.

Denis Montaut, CEO of Eurodecision (IT services)

What was our job ?

  • Coach the Excom to search root causes of the situation,
  • Support the Excom with a process for cascading the new strategy and reassuring the whole organisation on the meaning of the change.

We were particularly focused on :

We helped the Excom diagnose their situation and share in an appropriate manner with the rest of management. The change was so radical that finding new way of explaining it was critical.